Kwara Agriculture Network.

We are a registered non governmental organization passionate about developing the agricultural sector of the economy. we drive innovations and promote interdisciplinary dialogue to generate solutions to domestic food waste in other to create a zero hunger world.

Our projects

International Agribusiness Development Fellowship Program

Zero Hunger Kwara Project

Kwara Food Summit

Farmer’s Hangout

Youths Ambassadorial Program



Promotes sustainable development through agriculture.

  • Support and provide facilities to encourage activities intended to enrich rural life.
  • Research the various needs of agricultural communities and initiate programs to meet those needs.
  • develop and encourage youth involvement in agriculture  through ambassadorial programs.
  • Create awareness on the impact of agriculture on economic diversification.
  • Regularly organize agricultural conferences, summits, exhibitions and  seminars in collaboration with various stakeholders in the agricultural sector.
  • Make information available on agricultural break through to improve youth technical know how and skills.
  • Raise a generation of farmers willing to use ICT to create and utilize extension of agricultural information. 


To research the various needs of agricultural communities and initiate programs to meet those needs.


To be a global leader in community engagement, youth empowerment and improved agricultural practices.


Promoting sustainable development through agriculture.

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Kwara Agriculture Network
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